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Article: All You Want to Know About Gripe Water

All You Want to Know About Gripe Water

All You Want to Know About Gripe Water

It’s no surprise to anyone that new babies cry — sometimes a lot. Whether it’s a dirty diaper, they’re hungry, scared or alarmed, they just woke up, a new tooth is coming in, or any number of reasons, what parents want to know is the best way to calm them down. Sometimes a fresh diaper or a feeding does the trick, but many infants don’t get the relief they need from a new diaper, and sometimes it’s the feeding itself that is causing the crying.

Colic is a condition that affects infants and causes stomach pain due to intestinal gas. The definition of a colicky baby is when he or she cries for three hours a day, for three or more days, for over three weeks. Colic typically occurs when an infant is between two weeks old and three months, but it can sometimes last until they are nine months old. Colic can be caused by a variety of things, including the mother’s diet, certain proteins in the formula, the baby is feeding too quickly, intestinal gas, or if the baby doesn’t burp after a feeding.

How Can Parents Treat Colic?

While there are several things that parents can do to try to treat a colicky baby, many parents are finding success with gripe water. 

At GreenPeach, we have a collection of all natural supplements to help infants, toddlers, and even adults lead a happier, healthier lifestyle. We also offer Organic Gripe Water For Babies, made with all natural ingredients to help infants find relief from gas and to help parents get relief from constant crying. But what is gripe water? How does it work? Is it safe? Keep reading to learn more and shop GreenPeach natural supplement store for essential vitamins and minerals for the whole family.

What is Gripe Water?

If you head to your local pharmacy or drugstore, there are dozens of products that can help relieve the symptoms of colic, but not all of them have natural ingredients that you can trust. When you want the best natural supplements for your baby, look to GreenPeach. Our gripe water is made with Vitamin C, ginger and fennel extract, chamomile, as well as purified water, organic vegetable glycerin (for some sweetness), and potassium sorbate (for freshness). We used these ingredients because they can naturally relieve the symptoms of digestion and gas problems.

All Natural SupplementsIs it Safe?

Some gripe water products can be made with added sugar (sucrose), artificial flavors, sodium bicarbonate, peppermint, or even alcohol. Before you purchase gripe water, be sure to read the ingredient list so that you fully understand what you are giving your baby. Added sugars can lead to tooth decay, sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, can cause a change in your baby’s natural pH level, possibly worsening the symptoms of colic. Peppermint can also make a baby’s reflux symptoms worse. When shopping for an all natural supplement, avoid these ingredients and also gluten, dairy, and parabens, which is a type of preservative.

How to Use Gripe Water

As with any type of medical or all natural supplement, carefully read the instructions and follow the directions on the box. You will also want to consult with your doctor for guidance on how much to give, how to prepare it, and how often. You may need to wait a few weeks before trying gripe water, until your baby is one month or older. 

When get the treatment OK’d by your doctor, you’ll want to pay close attention to how your baby is acting or feeling. Some infants can experience an allergic reaction, so look out for hives, watery eyes, swelling of the lips or tongue, vomiting, or diarrhea. Gripe water doesn’t often cause allergic reactions, but it’s always best to keep a watchful eye.

All Natural SupplementsWhat Else Can Parents Do?

In addition to trying gripe water, there are also some other methods parents can try to help relieve symptoms of colic. 

  • Check Your Diet: If you are breastfeeding your baby, you may want to keep a journal of the foods you are eating and whether or not your baby has a reaction. Foods like caffeine, dairy, beans, and some vegetables can cause a reaction.
  • Check the Formula: If you’re giving your baby formula, you can try switching to a ready-to-feed option rather than a powdered mix, which can have bubbles that may irritate your baby’s stomach. You can also try a formula that uses soy milk instead of cow’s milk.
  • Use a Different Bottle Nipple: A different nipple, or simply holding the bottle in a way that prevents bubbles from forming can go a long way in helping prevent or relieve colic symptoms.
  • Probiotics: Another method of digestive relief is probiotics. GreenPeach has a Children and Infants Probiotic, formulated to support healthy digestion.

There’s no doubt that a crying baby is one of the hardest things to handle as a new parent, but the good news is that there is relief. Shop at GreenPeach for all natural supplements, probiotics, and vitamins to help give your baby the nutrients they need.

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