How to Make Tooth Brushing Fun For Toddlers

There are certain things that are especially difficult or tricky when it comes to parenting, such as potty training, vegetables, and brushing your kid’s teeth. Even though baby teeth will fall out by the time children are around six or seven years old, it is incredibly important to help them build a habit of brushing and taking care of their teeth early on in their life. Not only will this make sure that their teeth, gums, and mouths are healthy and strong, but this habit will follow them throughout their life.

But getting them in the habit in the first place is harder than it sounds. In this post, we’ll be discussing all about how to make brushing teeth fun, what tools to use, and what toothpaste is best for growing children. At GreenPeach, we are passionate about providing parents with healthy, natural alternatives to promote happy bodies. Our strawberry-flavored fluoride-free toothpaste is made with no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, and contains no fluoride. We’ll talk about why fluoride-free toothpaste is so important later on.

How to Make Tooth Brushing Fun For Toddlers

Let Them Choose When

Even though it’s traditional to brush your teeth at night before bed and in the morning before heading out to work, the timing doesn’t matter so much as the fact that’s being done. In fact, it’s best to brush your teeth right after meals. So if you have a toddler who gets home from school and wants to brush their teeth then, let them! It’s still a good idea to do it again after dinner, but it doesn’t always have to be right before getting into bed. This will provide some freedom for your little one.

Let Them Choose the Brush

There’s nothing more exciting for toddlers than letting them pick something new out at the store. Point them in the direction of the toothbrushes that are made for children to ensure their picking one that is the right size. If they want one with a turtle handle or one that is shaped like a dinosaur, that’s great! You can be sure that they will look forward to brushing their teeth when they can use something that they picked out.

Make it a Game

This can be tricky because it’s still important for them to take the task seriously, but the more entertaining you can make it, the better. Turn on their favorite song, let them watch their favorite scene in a movie, or you can read them their favorite page in a book until their done. There are even fun phone apps that count down the time as a character sings to them.

Give Them a Reward

Some parents may not be so excited about offering bribes for tooth brushing, but it doesn’t have to be anything big or extravagant. A simple sticker, an extra book before bedtime, or after they have done it consistently for a week, it could be a slightly bigger prize. Little surprises or rewards can go a long way in helping instill habits in children.

Let Them Take Over

In the very beginning, you may want to brush your child’s teeth for them to make sure that each tooth is getting cleaned properly. But as they grow up and can handle holding the brush themselves, give them more and more control over the task. You still might want to stand by to make sure they aren’t swallowing the toothpaste and are brushing for long enough, but giving them a little more responsibility each time will help them take pride in brushing their teeth.

Why Fluoride-Free Toothpaste?

A mineral that is found naturally in water sources, fluoride was found to help teeth resist cavity-forming acids. However, too much fluoride can cause the teeth to stain, become discolored, or even cause brown spots to form.

For children, especially those under the age of two years, it can be difficult to teach them how to spit the toothpaste out. So with fluoride-free toothpaste, you can be confident that there won’t be any future problems with the health or appearance of their teeth. At GreenPeach, our strawberry-flavored, all-natural toothpaste tastes great, making it easy for parents to teach their kids how to brush!

GreenPeach provides a range of all-natural products that parents can give to their children without any worries or they can take themselves. Shop our collection and feel confident about what you are giving your body.