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AVA MACKAY - Vice President

Growing up in Orange County, I always felt as if I was trapped in a sort of bubble, I felt as if there was no way for me to actively participate in the world because Orange Country had a sort of isolationist ideology. The realization that I needed to step out of my comfort zone pushed me to help create GreenPeach, in an effort to truly change the lives of those who believe they are alone. Our motto, “Nobody Succeeds Alone,” summarizes how important it is for people like me to reach out and make a change. Humans have a tendency to believe the worst because sometimes a situation is unideal, but with GreenPeach, individuals have the ability to achieve a positive mindset and even create connections to those who may not be around them. Working with GreenPeach has not only allowed me to find that my true passion lies in change, but also allowed me to make a difference in a world that often masks how critical mutualism is. I am so thankful to have the privilege of being involved in such an impactful organization that create connections rather than borders.

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