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Our Team

Arianna Abidi

Hi, my name is Arianna Abidi and I am a part of Canyon High School's graduating class of 2023.  I have always been involved with the Green Peach Foundation and am very excited to be serving on board this year. Outside of this foundation, I am also involved in Southern California JSA, serving as a debate coach to middle schoolers in the OCDL, acting as club president of the CHS Persian Club, and member of our mock trial team. 


Hi, my name is Jayden. I know my dad brought me into this life and I appreciate him for it. A lot of dads try their best to be included in their child’s life but we have obstacles to get through and some don’t make it through. Life as a child without a dad is hard, but for many children, they have a strong mentality to push through it. I am happy that I have a family that helps support me through everything I do and push me to succeed in my life.

Kelly Griffiths

Hi my name is Kelly Griffiths and I am going to be a senior attending Canyon High School and I am thrilled to serve on board of the Green Peach Foundation this year. Aside from being involved with the foundation, I work with various elementary and middle schools volunteering programs, ranging from musical theater to debate. I am a member of my varsity golf team and an active participant in Southern California Junior State of America

Kourosh Mackay

Hi, my name is Kourosh Mackay and I am a part of Canyon High School's graduating class of 2023.  Some things I enjoy doing are listening to music and playing soccer. Growing up in Anaheim, California, I am fortunate enough to have many things others are not able to get, and I am grateful to be a part of GreenPeach Foundation, so I am able to give back to others.

Neema Jamshidian

Hi my name is Neema Jamshidian and I am a part of Canyon High School's graduating class of 2023. I enjoy running and being a part of the Track and Field team at Canyon. In the future, I aspire to own and operate my own business. I have had an amazing upbringing, so I love helping out the community. I am part of the Autism Youth Ambassadors club at my high school: in which we serve to help the autism community through events and activities. I am delighted to be a part of the GreenPeach Foundation and serve on the board this year. 

Thianh Dinh

Hi my name is Thianh. Although many of my peers would see growing up without a dad traumatic or sad, I’ve always felt that it never stopped me from living my life the way I want to.I’ve become stronger, more independent, and have learned to take the positives from any situation. Today, I am more than what my parents expected of me and I will not allow my past to limit my future.

Yashar Foroohar

My name is Yashar and I’m a Senior at Canyon High School. I’ve been on the Canyon Cross Country and Track team for three years which has given me a deep appreciation for both running and teamwork. In my free time I love hanging out with my friends in any way I can, whether it be in person or online. I’ve always been interested in serving the community and look forward to doing so with GreenPeach.

Omeed Nowroozi

Hi, my name is Omeed Nowroozi and I am a junior at Canyon High School. Some of my favorite things to do are listen to music, ski, and making films. I love to help other people and have been able to achieve this through my school's leadership program, ASB, as well as several other endeavours throughout my high school career.

Kayvon Monfared

Hi, my name is Kayvon Monfared and I’m a part of Canyon High School’s class of 2023. Throughout my time at Canyon, I’ve been a varsity soccer player for 4 years and a varsity football player for 2. I’m really excited and grateful to be on board for Green Peach and be able to give back to the community.