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AILEEN ALFARO- Event Coordinator

I am currently a second-year college student, studying Business-Human Resources Management. I was raised to always be grateful for what I had. My mother would always tell me to not complain for what was provided and to always be appreciative, because there were others who are not as fortunate as us to have the simple luxury of going out to a restaurant or having a new toy. As I got older, I finally understood what my mother would tell me. On Thanksgiving Day, my mother took my siblings and I to skid row in Downtown, Los Angeles where we were part of a group that provided food, clothing, and essentials to the people there. That day was an eye opener. I never imagined how many people actually were in need until I was there and experienced it first-hand. That day I knew I wanted to help and give back. I’m part of GreenPeach Foundation to help those that are in need of a friend and basic necessities. No matter how small or how big the gesture is, what matters is that they know they have someone to count on and don’t have to go through anything alone.