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Digestive Enzyme Blend For Adults & Teens

  • digestion support
  • healthy gut
  • microbiome balance
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Gluten Free


No Sugar Added


No Artifical Flavors


Made in the USA

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Digestive Enzyme Blend For Adults & Teens
Digestive Enzyme Blend For Adults & Teens Sale price$22.00

✓ On the AVERAGE DIGESTIVE ENZYMES, you can find hidden ingredients that can cause major BLOOD SUGAR SPIKES. GreenPeach Digestive Enzyme Blend is formulated with 8 HIGHLY EFFECTIVE NATURAL DIGESTIVE ENZYMES – and that’s it. Simple & straightforward, you won’t find any additives, or “FILLER” STRAINS on label.

SAFE & GENTLE on the STOMACH. Made in the USA with locally sourced ingredients, our super digestive enzymes contain ZERO SUGAR, CHEMICALS, PRESERVATIVES, or TITANIUM DIOXIDE. This VEGAN, KOSHER, and HALAL-friendly capsules can be opened and mixed into juice, yogurt or smoothies for picky eaters. You have the choice!

DEVELOPED BY A PARENT, FOR PARENTS – Too many gut health supplements have long lists of UNPRONOUNCEABLE INGREDIENTS, meaning you have no idea what is going into your body. GreenPeach believes in FULL TRANSPARENCY – so you have a CLEAR PICTURE of the digestive enzymes your are taking.


Serving Size: 1-2 Capsules (or as directed) 

Take the capsule at the beginning of each meal or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Capsules may also be split opened and powder blend sprinkled on drink or food of choice.

TAKE ON AN EMPTY STOMACH 30 minutes before or 2 hours after meals.


Amount Per Serving : 200mg

Amylase, Protease Blend, Lipase, Cellulate, Hemicellulase, Diastase, Lactase, Invertase

*DV% not established 

Other Ingredients: Cellulose (Vegetarian Capsule) TITANIUM DIOXIDE FREE

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