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Share the health this holiday season with a GreenPeach gift card!

Share the health this holiday season with a GreenPeach gift card!

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We Want You To Ask Questions!

Seriously, Our team of vitamin experts and scientists has answers.

Curious about the sweet kick in our vitamins without added sugar?
We've nixed the sugar and opted for monk fruit extract, a super-fruit that brings a richer sweetness kids adore. Plus, we've sprinkled in a hint of mannitol, a sweetener found in strawberries and pumpkins, and a favorite among dentists.
Ever wondered about the added sugar in your average kids' vitamin?
Brace yourself: some can contain up to five grams of added sugar. That's equivalent to the sugar content in an Oreo cookie—something parents often offer to their kids daily in the name of "health." Time for a sugar-savvy swap!
Wondering if your little one truly needs a daily vitamin fix?
Chances are, the answer is leaning towards yes. Why? Well, statistics reveal that over 90% of children miss the mark when it comes to hitting their recommended fruit and veggie quotas. Hiya steps onto the scene to fill those nutritional voids, minus the sugary guise of gummy vitamins—a seemingly default, albeit not-so-healthy, choice for kids. And, as always, before navigating the vitamin aisle, it's a good call to have a chat with your pediatrician or dentist. They can offer tailored recommendations and shed light on any potential pitfalls tied to added sugar and gummy additives.
Where do your vitamins come to life?
Right here in the USA, crafted with top-notch ingredients sourced from around the globe, each carefully chosen for optimal absorption. Our manufacturing facility not only meets but exceeds cGMP standards, holding certifications that vouch for excellence in quality, processing, handling, and labeling.

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